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I'm quite fond of this one. I don't always appreciate 'feminization' or cross-dressing in kink, but that's probably because so many people do it for reasons that I don't understand or agree with. For example because men cannot submit, therefore they have to be more feminine. Or because being more feminine or more like a woman is degrading or humiliating. Or because men aren't pretty or beautiful unless they're dressed in a feminine way.

The person who submitted this to Male submission secrets has the right idea. This is why I enjoy cross-dressing, not 'feminization'. It's because a man can be masculine and butch and stubbly and muscular and all those wonderful things, and he can also look absolutely drop dead gorgeous in heels and stockings. And the best part is, wearing those heels don't make him 'feminine'. He can be totally butch in those heels and lingerie. He can be a big strong man in lace petticoats.

And that is what makes 'cross-dressing' really sexy to me.

Really, I wish it wasn't cross-dressing. I wish that men could dress in skirts and heels and have it be as normal as women wearing pants. That's just the world we live in, for now.

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