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Is it strange that I look at this photo and I think 'aww, cute couple'? I want to see more female dominants in action.

For some reason, our city is mostly made up of male tops and bottoms of both genders (at least the kinksters that come out to events and munches). I only see one other female top with any regularity. Though thankfully I see at least twice weekly, so if I have a question or opinion, I always have her to bounce it off.

I don't always identify as a female dominant. I don't even identify as female all the time, but I am dominant to my boy and I am female sometimes. And I find I don't relate terribly well to a lot of the male tops. Perhaps in a bigger city, I'd find someone more relatable. Maybe I'd relate better to gay male tops, or trans male tops. Cis male tops don't have the same experience and don't seem to be coming from the same place.

Maybe I'm just more of a sadist, haha.

Photo from My Darker Sides.

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