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The joy of loving what you do

A gem from Women with Whips. I love this photo because these are real people who are enjoying themselves. I love a lot of pictures of models or people who aren't into kink except for photos, etc... but they'll never have the same depth as these kinds of pictures.

The woman is genuinely grinning, no 'dominant glare' going on, no 'I don't care' look. She's wearing boots, jeans and a sweaty grey shirt. They have no toys, she's only using her hands. He's bent over her, holding onto her leg to help keep himself up. He's wearing nothing but sandals. She has redeye and the photo isn't posed whatsoever. And I love it to bits.

What do I love most about this picture? She's holding him close to her while she spanks him. She's touching him in an affectionate, non-sexual, non-sadistic way with one hand while she spanks him with the other. That is exactly how I spank and exactly the way I was taught to spank by our mentor.

Cheers to this beautiful sadist and cheers to her boy. I am always thrilled to see pictures like this.

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