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I have an issue with this picture, (don't I always? I'm so picky!) it's also kind of heart warming. It kind of reminds me of myself and my mentor, with a stunt-bottom friend of ours. We spanked her together at Taboo, one cheek for each of us, and it was one of the most intimate and fun things we've done together. Afterwards she was purple (though more purple on his side, of course, hopefully one day I'll be able to spank like him) and I was so happy to have shared that with him.

The issue I have with the art are very simple; the top woman's boots. Dominance and boots are not the same thing and women wearing heels while in a dominant position often irks me. One would never expect a male dominant to wear heels. The only reason I like heels when I'm playing (rare) is because it makes me taller and height/size difference is a serious kink for me.

But if I ignore the boots, it looks like she's wearing dress pants. I really like that you can't see any faces or expressions in this picture.

From Fetish Popculture.

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