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trash - abuse

Powerful work from Jisuk. A bleeding, partially undressed, bound and gagged boy thrown in the garbage with all the trash bags.

For a lot of top folk, the idea that bottoms are just to be thrown out after seems to be normal. It's the idea that you don't need a relationship, that you can just pick up anyone new to bdsm, offer to be their 'mentor' and then use and abuse them. I'm quite sick of that.

I feel like I need to warn those who are new to bdsm that older and 'more experienced' people may try to take advantage of their eagerness to learn and have a partner. At the same time, I don't want to scare away those people who are new. I want them to realize that a lot of us are normal people who can be trusted and will help them to learn without expecting sexual favors, etc, in return.

And really, how do you approach someone who's known to be a predator of those new and shiny members of the bdsm groups and tell them to fuck off, we know what they're up to? We're supposed to be a welcoming group and our standards of mentorship and safety can't apply to everyone. Still, I'm sick of seeing new people disappear after the predators have scared them off, or seeing them get hurt after trying a relationship with a predator.

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