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This is a random little thought that's been floating about in my brain for awhile.

My wife and I roleplay a lot, and a lot of our roleplays aren't really original. They often end up being very much ours, but they can start at the weirdest places. For example, we were watching Cars (yes, the Pixar movie for kids) and we thought that the relationship between Fillmore and Sarge (the hippy and the army vet) was surprisingly hot, so we decided to do just that. A hippy and a vet. It worked out really well and was actually way sexier than we had thought it would be. The characters were just a one-shot and we haven't used them much since, but it was definitely worth playing with and writing out.

Which reminds me, my pet and I have started another few blogs... I'm not sure how this started happening. We're blog people now. is for our writing and roleplays together. They're basically just smut for our own amusement. is for our historical loves. We'll be posting mostly pictures and getting around to other things as we feel like it.

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