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Fire play and accidents

A stunning picture of fire play from Pretty Kinky Things. However, this beautiful work of art comes with a warning.

This is what can happen when fire play goes wrong. Luckily for her, she survived and now she talks about safety in bdsm.

"The short story, I was bottoming in a fire scene with the man who was previously my Master. We've done scenes with fire cupping before but I had no idea he was doing it wrong. Rather than swab the cup with rubbing alcohol, he poured it in and lit it on fire. Because there was too much fuel, the cup wouldn't create suction on my back and it spilled. I was in subspace due to a previous scene and felt the alcohol pool under my breasts but I didn't think to say anything. Even though he wiped off my back with a towel, there was still too much fuel present and the unthinkable happened when the open flame ignited all the alcohol on my back and my side and my breasts. I'll never forget that night in the dungeon. He helped me heal and we both spoke at bdsm events when safety was the topic. Today I am a top and I have also become involved with The Phoenix Society, which is for burn survivors."

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