Treats for the Strange

Welcome to Treats for the Strange. I update erratically, whenever I feel the need to share something in my very pansexual collection.

Treats for the Strange is for anyone with a love of sexuality, art and kink.


Playlist (no, not music)

-Feeding, shaving and pampering in the bath
-Balancing things on his head
-Holding mirror while I shave
-Using sticks tied together for a flogger
-Tattoo serial number on inner thigh
-Write up a pet notecard
-Pet obstacle/agility course
-Using him as a table, eating off his back
-More ballet
-More calligraphy
-More pipe smoking!
-Winter, so I can get a robe, slippers, a pipe and a glass of brandy brought to me. :D
-Get another dom in on the fun for my boy
-Pet grooming/new pet training
-Paper training :D
-More posing for arts!

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