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Welcome to Treats for the Strange. I update erratically, whenever I feel the need to share something in my very pansexual collection.

Treats for the Strange is for anyone with a love of sexuality, art and kink.


Broken glass

Beautiful portrait of two characters covered in broken glass. The expressions are almost meditative, peaceful. I just like the idea that though masochism makes most people think that they should be wincing, crying, that pain should be a punishment, or that it's something to be avoided, it doesn't have to be. Sometimes pain is just what you need, sometimes it's a reward, a connection you have with someone else. I am admittedly not much of a masochist, but life seems very clear and sharp when I do scenes with pain.

Anyway, lovely art by Sarah Cloutier. She's up in the top ten of my favorite artists. I'm not sure if this is watercolors, but a lot of her work is.

It's been a long time since I posted! Hopefully I'll be a bit more regular again.

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