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He looks so happy cuddled up to her cock. Gotta love that expression. And I like that he doesn't look afraid, that he isn't a young twink and that he seems completely at peace. A lot of people find submission to put them in an almost meditative place. I wish there was more of that.

She has a very nice body, and though she might be a model, she's also very human, which I can't always say about bdsm models. She has circles under her eyes, her hair is a bit wild, she's looking down at the camera with an expression somewhere in between a smile and a glare.

Above all, I love that they're both naked (as far as we can tell). No fetwear on either of them (I don't count strap-ons as fetwear, that's like calling a penis fetwear). When I play, generally I wear nothing or I wear pants and boots, depending on the scene. I've never understood the appeal of corsets if there is going to be actual play. Yes, they're beautiful, yes I really appreciate seeing people in them, but playing with a bottom who's wearing one is like playing with half the bottom, since hitting them over their corset is not going to happen. And being a top wearing a corset... bad idea! Less mobility, not very comfortable. You know all the advice we were given as kids about dressing for field trips? Get a good sleep, eat a good breakfast and dress comfortably? Those all apply to play, especially the last one.

Great photo from Strap on Slaves.

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