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Do you know what I love best about having my boy clean and polish my boots?

For the next week or so, however long the shine lasts, every time I look down at my boots, or put them on, or take them off, I think about him. I get this wonderful rise of emotions. Pride at having such a practical and considerate boy. Lust, remembering him rubbing the polish into my boots with his fingers, being able to feel it through the leather and the fun that ensued. And of course love, for someone so invaluable who deems me worthy to be their dominant.

There is nothing more wonderful than having someone you admire and respect go down on their knees and polish your boots for you.

This is a picture of my boots from three years ago. Unfortunately they have gone to boot heaven now, but they served me well.

Did I mention I got new boots?

Did I mention that we've been playing with boots a lot lately?

Heh, there might be a lot more posts about boots for awhile. Hope no one minds!

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