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Point of view

Alright, ignoring the fact that I got this image at Real Dominant Women... who is in charge in this photo?

I have enjoyed straight razor shaving very much. I have topped from either side of it. I have shaved my boy this way and I delight in the power and control I have with a razor at his throat. It's very sexy and a powerful feeling, knowing how easy it would be to slit his throat. Not to mention how good the razor feels, it's a wonderful sensation play.

I have also topped in the way that I have my boy shave me. I relax in the tub, read a book, soak under a towel, get all lathered up and shaved. It feels spectacular and it's his service to me. He doesn't have the control or power because he's not in that mindset and neither am I. I have the power because he is doing me this service, keeping his dominant relaxed and keeping his appearance sharp.

This is why I enjoy this photo, to be honest. Not only because I have a hard on for straight razor shaving, but also because this can be seen in either light, depending on the viewer.

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