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A couple

Today, I stumbled upon Daddy's Dirty Blonde.


Seriously, look through their pictures. This scarification turns out beautifully and she wears it very well. Her daddy doesn't appear in many photos, but the fact that they took a photo of him disinfecting, wearing gloves and holding her so gently makes me so happy.

They have pictures of their studio, which is not only gorgeous, but obviously set up for frequent and imaginative play. Not only this, but all the pictures are really artistic and absolutely stunning.  They have some great bondage too...

Not only is the photo beautiful, soft skin, nipple piercings, purple rope... but the bondage is asymmetrical! Does anyone remember me fetishizing asymmetrical bondage earlier? It's been awhile! I don't find this sort of asymmetry very often.

Also, she's adorable and has a strap on. :)

This blog makes me happy. Everyone should be happy and read blogs about sweet and creative bdsm couples in love.


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