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On Elise Sutton's writing

Since I just posted a picture from Elise Sutton, I figured I should post my thoughts on her writing. If you haven't read any of her posts, don't worry, I'll be quoting the whole way.

This is just from the section about 'Unleashing Female Power'.

"Females have a power over men."

Hmm, more like 'Certain women have power over certain men'.

"The truth is that women are the superior gender and that once a woman unleashes her dominant power, no man will be able to stand up to her. Men become submissive and like little puppy dogs when they are confronted with a powerful woman. The good news is that you have this powerful woman on the inside and men desire to submit to her. "

Why do some people think this is okay? If someone wrote this exact phrase, but reversed the genders, they'd be a misogynist! It's too bad the word misandrist isn't as well known. I don't believe in the superiority of either gender. People are people, plain and simple. To be honest, anyone who believes that 'confronting someone with their dominance' will turn someone into a submissive gets on my nerves. I've had plenty of male dominants pull that on me and it makes me want to punch their teeth out.

"Next, begin to use your sexuality. I don't mean to be promiscuous or to flaunt it. What I am talking about is dress sexy and act sexual. Don't dress sleazy, but sophisticated and lady-like. Don't run around in baggy clothes and sweat pants."

Because no one has any physical, mental or spiritual dominance if they're in sweatpants, silly! You have to conform and submit to the whims of your man's attraction to societal views on beauty! No man will willingly submit to a woman who's fat, or ugly, or doesn't take care of herself! Don't be ridiculous!

She goes on for the next few paragraphs about how a lot of men have foot fetishes and leather fetishes, so you should wear leather and heels. Then she starts in on the dieting and looking fit so that he'll deem you desirable enough to submit to.

"use your sexuality and your dominance at the work place to get the promotions and the better paying position."


"Wear fetish outfits and use his fetish against him."


"If you deny him and keep him aroused and frustrated most of the time, he will be so much more eager to serve you and to obey you."

The idea that men will only submit if you bribe them with sex... is just not positive, not for women and not for those who enjoy D/s for the sake of D/s. I realize that that sort of relationship may work for some couples. Maybe they enjoy themselves and that's all that matters to them.

But for me, I prefer that whoever is submitting does so because that's what they enjoy. It shouldn't matter if the dominant is wearing sweatpants, latex or their birthday suit. They're the dominant. The clothes they wear are not in charge of the situation. Dressing up is fun, but it doesn't make you any more or less of a dominant.

So these are my thoughts on Elise Sutton's theory of female superiority. She has some awesome photos on her site and I'm glad her kinks work for her, but they're definitely not for me. Especially if your dominance starts to fade when you start to get old and wrinkled. I intend to keep my dominance, thanks. No matter how old, fat or unkempt I might get. :)

PS - apparently, you can tell when I use sarcasm by the amount of exclamation marks I use.


  1. I have had the same troubles with her books. I do not agree with her take on women being superior and I do not believe, that it is natural female domination, if the only way you can make your man submit, is through blackmail, force or bribery. The way she sees female domination, is that women must exploit male weaknesses in order to gain control.
    Submission, as I understand it, is a gift, by definition it can only be given freely, and she doesn't seem to understand that.

    1. I'm glad it's not just me who thinks submission should be freely given, not extorted with bribery. Cheers indeed!


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