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She's offering her top a glass of something, or perhaps is taking something he's offering. I'm not entirely sure, but I love the feel of ritual and respect in this photo. She's absolutely gorgeous, pierced, tattooed, nude and collared (also she has the same hair cut as my boy, so added bonus!) and the top, who's gender I'm actually unsure of, is dressed the part of a gentleman. Wonderful. I wonder if this is at a play party, or if this is in their home?

Hm, alcohol and play. Never a really good idea, but I have to admit, it's a not-particularly-good-idea that I've tried before. I've never played drunk, but I have had a glass of wine or a coffee and brandy before playing. As a community 'educator-type person' I always tell people never to drink and play, but as a person who has had some alcohol before playing, well, I always feel a bit like a hypocrite.

Photo from Jim Duvall.

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