Treats for the Strange

Welcome to Treats for the Strange. I update erratically, whenever I feel the need to share something in my very pansexual collection.

Treats for the Strange is for anyone with a love of sexuality, art and kink.



Some Sherlock and Watson fun from Tabby Stardust along with a very nice secret from male submission art. This is something that drives me crazy too. BDSM porn where the actors/characters are forced into it squicks me. I want to scream red for the person and go get them a juice box and a blanket. Consensual nonconsent is wonderful, but if I can't see the consensual part of it, I get bad feelings about the whole thing and I end up being sad instead of being able to enjoy my porn.

Fanfiction also has a lot of 'no, don't tie me up, it's humiliating', but I can find ones I like more easily. And I like writing it too, so even better.

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