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From My Darker Side.

I both like and dislike this photo. I like that he's holding her hair, that she's got a cigarette and that her body language is just so relaxed. I'm sort of 50/50 on the bracelet he's wearing. A lot of people mix the goth style into kink and I'm meh about that. But as sensation play, those spikes could be a lot of fun, so I'm all for that side of it.

I like him grabbing her, but both his hands seem so tense. That might just be the amount of pressure he's using to pull/squeeze, but it doesn't look comfortable. Part of what I've learned about bdsm is that the top should be worried about pulling a muscle as much as they should be worried about hurting their bottom. Play comfortably or be prepared to hurt yourself.

The part I have the most issue with... is that I can't see their faces. Though this is a lovely photo, it could be completely one way or the other just by the expressions that we can't see. Is she bored? Is he angry?

I like being able to see happy people playing, and I can't read their body language well enough to say 'wow, these people are so happy together, grabbing and being grabbed. That's awesome'.

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