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Dangerous ropes

This would be a really cool shot... except for the fact that the model's hands are turning purple!

I do appreciate a lot of bondage photos and bondage art, however, I can't help but think critically about a lot of them. Even a lot of the ones that I post, I realize that they would not be possible for it to work in a longer scene, or with many people. For instance, my boy has back problems and certain bondage is impossible for longer than a few minutes. It's a pity, but that's how reality is.

Still, I've seen plenty of photos of people turning red and purple. I've even seen it in real life. Ouch. Ah well, there will always be unsafe things done in bdsm modeling!

Anyway, I'm going to repost something from one of my earliest posts:

Your bottom should be able to feel all parts of their body at all times. If they’re turning colors, let them out. This isn’t as serious as the others, but if it lasts too long it can become a problem. You can check their circulation with a fingernail check.
Simply press on a fingernail. It will turn white if you put some pressure on it, but it should return to normal quickly enough. Try it on yourself. If the fingernail stays white, something either needs to be loosened or untied.

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  1. *presses fingernails* ehee, that's fun! <.<



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