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An object of desire

From Degustibuss.

This image, this view of a woman from behind, with a man's hands around her torso from below... I know this is supposed to be the view of a dominant woman with her submissive worshipping her, with her full of power and control, but... honestly all I can see her as is an object of desire. Though that might be a form of dominance, using his desire to control him, it's not a kind of dominance that I enjoy. I mean, what happens when you age or gain weight or lose weight or anything changes? Do you lose your power over him if your power only ever stemmed from his physical desire for you?

So that form of dominance does not fit well with me, not only for that reason, but also because then dominant women are forced into society's idea of what a woman should look like and dress when being dominant. Which is this woman in the photo we're looking at. She's wearing gloves and fishnet and a corset. She's fit and beautiful. That's all you need to be a dominant.

Now, back to what I see in this photo, because I really do enjoy it and find it gorgeous.

I really enjoy objectification. I enjoy it as an artist, seeing a beautiful human-art creation, and I enjoy it as a dominant, watching someone obey their top and remain a still and amazing piece of art or furniture.  So I really do enjoy this photo, just from the opposite side. I'm viewing this in a way that suggests that she is submitting to him. She is a beautiful human statue and he is enjoying being able to play with the artwork that she has become. Those hands are in control. She's just a lovely, submissive doll.

Yes, I realize that a lot of dominants enjoy dressing up and that fit and societally-deemed beautiful people are dominant as well, but I find that they are a much smaller category than the sexy fat people I know who like to play while wearing jeans or sweatpants.

Please enjoy the photo, whichever side you prefer.


  1. I really appreciate and also find this post to be very intellectually stimulating. I have to disagree with you though. I consider myself to be a dyed in the wool submissive and as such, never consider a dominant's physical attributes when it comes to assessing compatibility with one another. Sure, someone's physical attractiveness is certainly a "starter" when it comes to relationships, but it's only a matter of time (usually a few days) before you know if someone is Mr. or Ms. "Right." If my Domme gained 100 lbs,, or lost 100 lbs, it wouldn't bother me in the least.


    1. Hello Rich :)

      Maybe I didn't clarify well enough, but I believe that power through sex appeal is only one of many different forms of D/s. I agree with you fully, the size and shape of my partner has nothing to do with our D/s relationship, it's all about what's between their ears for me.

      Though I believe that lots of people do consider the physical side to be the whole relationship, I think that more people who live bdsm relationships don't think of it that way. It's all about perspective, and we happen to share this one.


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