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Height and dominance

One of the myths I've heard about kink is 'How can women be dominant if their partners could physically dominate them since the men are taller/stronger/etc?'

It's quite simple: Willing submission.

Just because this man could take control of whatever scene they're in the middle of, just because he could wrestle her and win, just because he is stronger, faster, fitter, taller, musclier, 'manlier', etc... doesn't mean he wants to be on top.

Yes, sometimes it's fun to wrestle and sometimes it's fun to turn the tables (if it's pre-negotiated, otherwise feelings can get hurt) but if you're a male submissive, you don't have to find an Amazon woman to dominate you. You can find a tiny woman to do that just as well. I understand why people may like their dominants to be taller, etc, since I think height difference is quite sexy, but contrary to what I was taught by Invader Zim, being taller does not make you superior.

Anyhow, I adore this photo. She has great attitude and my smoking fetish is quite happy. He's just standing straight, totally naked except for his collar. It's a great photo and I found it on i Honor Her.

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