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I found a new idea (new to me, at least) sometime last week and I've been sitting on it for awhile, finding what I needed and teasing my sub with hints and such. I had to purchase a few things, but it was very cheap.
I needed sewing needles, the thinnest I could find with a very thin eye, strong but thin thread and several different sizes of little bronze bells.
I also needed disinfectant and I had my first aid kit handy just in case, as well as my Sharps container for any needles that I threw away.
First I got T to dance for me, naked. I suggested that perhaps she wasn't... jingly enough. 
I got her to lay down on a blanket that we have for scenes, that has seen many different stains; wax, blood, all that good stuff. Heh. I gave her a pillow and made her comfy. I only told her then what I had planned. She'd already guessed that I was going to pierce her, but she had no idea what I wanted beyond that.
So I pierced her straight through with threaded sewing needles, drawing the thread through. It was really hard, actually, to push the needle all the way through, much harder than I had expected. Especially because the needles were so thin that they were sharp at both ends and pushing them through hurt my fingers. (She was the one getting pierced, but I was the one saying 'ouch!') I've only ever pierced her with needles that don't go all the way through, that have a cap at one end, so this was new for both of us.
Once the needle itself was through, she went wild when I pulled on the thread that was now going through her skin. Most of them were almost perfect too.happy sigh I've been learning the right depths to pierce at. When I first got my needles, I pierced her so they were barely under the skin. I went too deep only once (the needles we have are hollow, and the cap filled with blood when I went to deep... it looked wonderful) but by now I am much more confident about piercing.
She was great, telling me where she was too sensitive (we tried her shoulders but she's too tense) and asking me for water and snuggles when she needed them. She was dizzy twice, but since she was laying down it wasn't a problem. I actually had her vomit once from piercing, when we did it standing up a few months ago. I think she might have also been sick, but <.< I'm sure the piercing didn't help how she was feeling, since it tends to make her a bit lightheaded.
Anyways I should probably stop with the suspense. We threaded her so that she had threads hanging from her wrists, her breasts, through her bellybutton, four in the hips and one below her navel. I tied bells to all the threads and made her dance for me again.
And it was lovely.
We left them in for maybe an hour before I cut the threads and pulled them out of her. There was a tiny bit of blood, but I disinfected her and there was no need for bandages. She'll have some awkward marks on his wrists, but we have a kitten to blame it on. They could be mistaken for puffy bite-marks. <.<
I plan on doing variations of this soon. I still have many needles and I've fallen in love with piercing. It just makes me so happy, like a good spanking or playing with knives. Almost as relaxing as a long bath ;)
I feel so satisfied that the idea worked. I was so worried that it wouldn't.
Ahhhh happy sigh

I wrote this about 2 years ago, after a wonderful scene that I have been dying to retry. I have more interesting piercing ideas, I just haven't done them yet!  This is my reminder to myself :)

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